donderdag 1 juli 2010

Hellfleet Happy Travels!

For all your happy travels..

Mission Runner

So.. what do you do with a mission runner? Well.. it's usually sweet sweet.. you see him there on scan. mmm.. what is he doing?.. missioning? mmmm yea!! xD
Von Von!! Missioner!!

Then we joke around how Von will just probe him out, drop on him and make him run just before we get to gank him. Now.. it's not always like that. Hehe, we just like to joke about it really. Thats all.. it makes Von say funny stuffs over the comms ;). So.. usually we will get a fix on the location after a few moments. Sometims some more moments.. and sometimes.. just sometimes, some more moments.

Then.. then we pound a little bit.. a tiny iniiieee little bit on victim to make him feel its really really for real. Really really really for real! And then we ask him to make a contribution to the Hellfleet program in order to make us close a few of our eyes for a sec.. thing is.. this dude he claimed to have only 10M. lol.. that we didnt like to hear of course. So.. Then..

And then we try again with Mr missioner's pod :).. but again.. sorry dude.. 10M at your age doesn't make us smile.. sorry.. so then..

you go back home. Home sweet home.. thank you for traveling with Hellfleet Happy Travels!

Funs on the station

Now we had that, lets end with some funs on the station, shall we?
just a regular morning really.. bored.. lazy.. sitting there.. eating and .. well.. eum.. talking, shooting, listen musics.. fun times no?

[ 2010.07.01 09:12:22 ] Remixt > lol at the people camping the SOE station
[ 2010.07.01 09:12:31 ] Kaal Redrum > the CAS station babe
[ 2010.07.01 09:12:32 ] eviwyn > yea SEO
[ 2010.07.01 09:12:39 ] Jayde Emeraude > wow
[ 2010.07.01 09:12:44 ] Jayde Emeraude > and I thought I needed more coffee
[ 2010.07.01 09:12:54 ] eviwyn > I could use some coffee
[ 2010.07.01 09:13:02 ] Remixt > meh, just undocked to 5 retards trying to gank. wasn't exactly paying attention
[ 2010.07.01 09:13:14 ] eviwyn > retards?
[ 2010.07.01 09:13:23 ] eviwyn > that sucks
[ 2010.07.01 09:13:32 ] eviwyn > just fight them
[ 2010.07.01 09:13:34 ] eviwyn > we will come to help
[ 2010.07.01 09:17:50 ] Remixt > How cute. You've got 5 of your little bumbuds out there camping one little port. ):
[ 2010.07.01 09:18:06 ] eviwyn > what? no I am waiting there to help you
[ 2010.07.01 09:18:08 ] Kaal Redrum > itty bitty port, that NO ONE uses
[ 2010.07.01 09:18:33 ] Remixt > mhm. Hellhounds needs 5 to take down one little cruiser, and still fail?
[ 2010.07.01 09:18:58 ] eviwyn > thre wasnt even five :p
[ 2010.07.01 09:19:10 ] Cyber Ten > lol were not the oens stuck here
[ 2010.07.01 09:19:25 ] Remixt > Lol. Sitting afk training in one port or another. You're wasting your time.
[ 2010.07.01 09:19:38 ] eviwyn > nahh
[ 2010.07.01 09:19:40 ] eviwyn > this is home

oh well.. back to lunchies now before we head out again. Take care folks o/

3 opmerkingen:

  1. God, I love ganking noobs with you, Evi!

  2. How is it that I always seemed to miss the good times!? That makes me so sad! I'm also really sad that I can't play now either, gotta save up for college. Sorry I wasn't able to let you guys know where I've disappeared off to. Hopefully see you around mid December, might be able to get a month in then. Kill lots, good luck!